An Agatha Christie Short Story Companion

By Elena Santangelo


From Charles Todd, author of A MATTER OF JUSTICE and A DUTY TO THE DEAD:

"Agatha Christie was nearly as famous for her short stories as she was for her novels, and Elena Santangelo has compiled the most readable guide and in-depth companion to Agatha's Shorts that any fan could wish ever for. No mystery library, personal or public, should be without this resource. Elena Santangelo has created a gem, enhanced by her own thorough knowledge of writing short stories and her love of the genre."

From Judy Clemens, author of the Anthony- and  the Agatha-nominated Stella Crown series:

"Dame Agatha's Shorts is a delicious romp through Christie's life and stories. A must-read for Christie lovers, and a superior reference book for those who crave details. Santangelo weaves together a wealth of information, making it both enjoyable and educational.""

From Robin Hathaway, author of the Dr. Fenimore and Jo Banks mystery series:

"For Christie fans, DAME AGATHA'S SHORTS, is the answer to a prayer. Santangelo provides the first source book of Agatha Christie's short fiction in easy prose, with a dash of humor. Her enthusiasm for the Dame's stories is contagious. Readers of this book will want to drop everything and take off on an anthology hunt. And I will be leading the pack!"

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