by Elena Santangelo



December, Present-Day

The first email came the Sunday morning after Thanksgiving:

"hello how are you in dominion you know me"

    The address was one of the free email services with only "CMJSM43" as the name. The subject was simply "Message from the Internet," meaning the sender hadn't typed one.
    He often got mail from unfamiliar addresses—the bane of having an email link on an organization's website. Some of the messages were legitimate inquiries, most were junk mail—spam. At least CMJSM43 could spell.
    The obvious choice was to hit the delete button. One word stopped him: Dominion. Yet he couldn't bring himself to reply, either.
    The next Sunday brought another message from the same address:

"hello how are you we played cards hearts with spades remember"

    Hearts with spades. He remembered all too well. Can insanity be forgotten? This time, because he needed to know, he did reply, "Where are you now?" and typed his initials below. 
    No answer. A relief. Until Sunday, December twentieth:

"hello how are you joyce erased your note i couldnt read it but Christmas i find you play spades"

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