By Elena Santangelo



From Robin Hathaway, author of The Dr. Fenimore Mystery Series and The Jo Banks Mystery Series: 

The fourth book in the Pat Montella series is a great summer read! Not only suspenseful, it is rich in historic detail (Norristown, PA during the Depression and Prohibition), Italian family lore (and food), memorable characters, and, since it is set in winter, the descriptions of snow, ice, wind, (and ghosts!) blowing through old cemeteries at night are guaranteed to keep you chilly in torrid months.


From J.D. Shaw, author of Miss Millie's Murder and Leave No Footprints:

A continuation of the series with the great characterPat Montellaand her older friend. The return to her old hometown causes all sorts of things to happen and the depiction of the town, and the characters (both seen and unseen) put you right there and make it real and happening before your own eyes. I loved sitting down to dinner with that Italian family. I loved going back in time and seeing the Depression and how it affected people. The ending was satisfying as always, but I hated to leave the characters. I'm eagerly waiting for the next one.

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