Book: By Blood PossessedBY BLOOD POSSESSED
By Elena Santangelo


From The Washington Times: 

"A lovely piece of writing and a promise of goodies to come." 


From Publishers Weekly:

"First novelist Santangelo writes an atmospheric, entertaining tale, and a has created an
appealing heroine in Pat Montella." 


From Polly Whitney, Agatha and Macavity nominated author of the UNTIL mystery series, the FAREWELL series, and THIS IS GRACEANNE'S BOOK, had this to say about BY BLOOD POSSESSED:

"When Pat Montella inherits Bell Run, the legacy is more than mere real estate.  Pat literally inherits the past, a past that drags her back more than one hundred years in time, into a war so memorably realized that the smell of gunpowder seems to float off the page.  In this unusual mystery novel, BY BLOOD POSSESSED, the Virginia bequest opens an unstable window on the Civil War, a time and a place and an overwhelming circumstance that at once bewilder modern Pat and yet make her feel oddly at home.

"Elena Santangelo, the author of this intriguing novel, skillfully constructs the maze of mystery so that Pat can cross over into the past (and the Battle of the Wilderness) to bring back with her the tools she needs to solve the crisis in her present. With the deft wizardry of the time swaps and the full-blooded characterization of BY BLOOD POSSESSED, Santangelo has created a world that stands as a peer with Daphne DuMaurier's THE HOUSE ON THE STRAND. This mystery novel is an extraordinarily skilled debut, an unforgettable reminder of just how timeless human crimes are. And, best of all, Santangelo, also like DuMaurier, can write. Expect–in addition to a whopping suspense yarn–uncanny fun with language: even as you bite your nails and lock the doors."


From Robin Hathaway, Agatha Award-winning author of THE DOCTOR DIGS A GRAVE:

"In BY BLOOD POSSESSED, Elena Santangelo has cooked up a tale just as tantalizing as her heroine, Pat Montello’s, tomato sauce. Her ingredients are humor, suspense, compassion and a deep respect for the past. With a graceful style that combines warmth and spice, Elena creates a gripping Civil War story–mixing past and present, youth and age, love and hate. This is not a book to rush through, but one to savor–and remember."


  Gillian Roberts, author of TIME & TROUBLE (Emma Howe and Billie August) and of ADAM AND EVIL, the latest of her nine-book Amanda Pepper series:

"Brava, Elena Santangelo for writing a unique and thoroughly satisfying page-turner that has it all: depth and humor, compelling mysteries in the past and present, a haunting sense of place and of history and what it means, plus characters I'll long remember.  I couldn't put it down.  What a grand debut!  Encore! Encore!

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