by Elena Santangelo

The past continues to catch up with Pat Montella both literally and figuratively in this captivating sequel to By Blood Possessed. Pat's gift for seeing and hearing ghosts continues to manifest itself wit vivid snippets of the past, as if from of newsreels.

Miss Maggie Shelby, scion of the Virginia Civil War estate owned by the Bell family, who discovered that Pat is the last descendant of the Bells, continues to preside over Pat's metamorphosis from office worker to heir to a Southern tradition. Pat's finding an unknown gravesite and the disturbing appearance of the ghost of a former slave boy named "Mance" (short for Emancipation) begins a story of wrongs whose roots reach into the present The discovery of the grave brings welcome help in the form of Emmy Brewster and her handsome assistant, Theo Clayborne.

It also brings unwanted help in the form of police and politicians eager to make hay from the excitement. After Pat's visions of the past intensify, she discovers she's not the only one who has such visions. When Theo becomes the prime suspect in the death of his best friend, Pat is driven to solve both old deaths and new with surprising results. Ghosts, murder, romance, Old South, New South, an aristocratic of lady, a gaggle of good of boys and an intrepid heroine add up to fine and cozy entertainment.

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